Medina's Hasty Vote to Sell Medina's Park Must Be Reconsidered Now!

Late Monday night, May 11th, the Medina City Council voted 6-0 (Councilmember Pryde absent) to approve a settlement with T-Mobile, enabling the installation of a massive 80ft-tall cell phone tower and accompanying cement bunker in Fairweather Park & Nature Preserve. This important vote, that will forever change our way of life in Medina, was taken without public notice, input or discussion. Rather than listening to the hundreds of Medina residents who have been encouraging the City Council to execute a pro-parks, pro-children, pro-technology and pro-property rights solution with T-Mobile, they went in a completely opposite direction.

Time is running out for our parks, our children and our way of life in Medina.

We understand that City Council members may have felt uninformed, ill-prepared and pressured to make a very important decision in a very short amount of time, and we support their efforts to remedy this situation. Earlier today, you saw one council member voice his concern and strong desire for a reconsideration of this important, once-in-a-lifetime decision.

Medina residents should also be aware that after several months of discussions and hard work, T-Mobile was scheduled to meet Tuesday with Medina residents and the RESPECTMedina community group to discuss the win-win solution of saving Fairweather Park and simply installing antennas on SR-520. However, due to the vote taken late Monday night, under what appears to be incredible pressure placed on our City Council members, that meeting was cancelled. T-Mobile no longer had a reason to meet with the community or its Medina customers.

Is there a connection between the rush our City Council members may have felt from T-Mobile to vote late Monday night and the community meeting scheduled for Tuesday with T-Mobile ? You decide.

Many have been following this issue, and you have voiced support and encouragement to keep fighting against this cell tower. We are now at a point where It is absolutely crucial that you make your voice heard to encourage and give our City Council members the confidence to reconsider their vote. Council members welcome your support to bring this important matter for a full and reasoned discussion, with public input. Our council members deserve to vote on matters of major impact only after careful consideration of the complete facts and issues, not under duress and pressure.

To make your voice heard, send your emails to the Medina City Council and request a Reconsideration of Vote. The email address is:

You can also call Medina City Hall and ask to speak to a City Council member at (425) 233-6400 and request a Reconsideration of Vote. Time is of the essence, so please make your voice heard as soon as possible. There is no time to delay.

Our mayor says, “Medina starts with ME.” Actually, it starts with you.