T-Mobile's lawsuit must be dismissed because their claim is not "ripe"

UPDATE AUGUST 5, 2015:  Last night the Medina residents intervenors filed a motion for summary judgment with the court.  We are entitled to summary judgement because it is premature for wireless giant T-Mobile to be in federal court; their claim is not "ripe", and, furthermore, the law does not support the wireless carriers, or their cell-tower partners, holding a proverbial gun to the City's head

Time is short, but it's not too late to stand with us and demand pro-parks, pro-technology, pro-community solutions.  We've got an army of wireless litigators, and the City and powerful corporations and individuals working against us -- and right now we're getting no support from the City Council -- so we need you by our sidePlease donate now to help us win.  Your donation will help fund our litigation expenses, and any extra funds will be used to maintain and preserve Medina's parks. 

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