Fight to Save Parks Going on Across USA & Canada

Because of our increased visibility thanks to local media coverage about Medina's fight to Save Medina's Parks, we are hearing from neighborhoods and communities across the USA and Canada, who are, like us, fighting to save parks, natural areas and wilderness areas.  

Today, we reached out to our neighbors in Kent, who are fighting their city's sale of their neighborhood park for a subdivision, and offered to share best practices and lessons learned, just as our neighbors in Oregon and California have shared best practices and lessons learned with us. (We're hoping RESPECTKent will launch soon, and we'll do our best to help support their keep-public-lands-in-public-hands pro-parks efforts.)

These conversations confirm that, no matter where in the world we live, there's a shared belief that every kid, in every community, should have a natural park to play in, free of industrial uses and equipment.  The idea that public parks and natural areas are unused, underutilized, surplus (non-revenue-generating) land, waiting for a corporation to put it to a "higher and better use," is crazy - it's not supported by good public policy and it is not supported by common sense.

So, wherever you are, dig-in and take action for healthy living and a clean environment.  Write an email, make a phone call, organize or attend a meeting, tweet about it, write a letter to the editor -- help reverse the course.  Be loud.  Shout it out that you value  long-term environmental and community preservation over short-term revenue, and that you support increasing parks and open spaces, not commercially-exploiting and selling them.  And please stay in touch.  Together, we can make an important difference.

In solidarity,