Victory! Case Dismissed, Park Saved


We are thrilled to announce that the temporary tower at the park has been removed, the playfield has been restored, and we expect the lease to be cancelled soon.  This good news follows June's good news, when the Independent Towers' lawsuit for a permanent industrial 80-foot cell-tower project at the playfield in Fairweather was dismissed by the federal judge, with agreement of all parties, including Independent Towers, T-Mobile, RespectMedina, and the City of Medina. 

For the first time ever in Medina's history, Medina residents, along with RespectMedina and many allies, took to court to join the defense of the City's laws.  We were successful -- each and every time -- in protecting Fairweather Park & Nature Preserve, against the odds and through seemingly insurmountable legal and other challenges. This landmark victory preserves Fairweather Park & Nature Preserve for today and future generations.

Thank you, and congratulations to each of you and the hundreds of residents and allies who fought alongside us.  #BetterTogether