We value our members as much as we value our parks and natural areas. Together, our pro-park, pro-neighborhood, pro-technology coalition is accomplishing a lot of important work for Medina's community, and we are having fun doing it. Join us. 


Join RESPECTMedina's coalition of pro-park, pro-technology neighbors, friends, family, and business and community leaders.

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Thank You, Donors!

A huge and heartfelt thank you to our donors, who are helping us Save Medina's Parks!  Time is short, but it’s not too late to get it right and keep industrial cell towers out of Medina’s parks. It's estimated that to go toe-to-toe against Big Wireless and win, the legal fees for our grassroots community group will be $200,000 or more -- if you haven't donated yet, please donate now to help us win!  

CHAMPIONS: $10,000 or more
Cynthia Adkins & John Harris
Myrtle L. Atkinson Foundation
Keeron Modi
The Oeltjen Family

LEADERSHIP GOLD: $5,000 or more
Jennifer & Roger Gulrajani
Laurel & Steve Preston
Gretchen Stengel

LEADERSHIP SILVER: $2,000 or more
Allison & Roger Frey
Lyn & Jerry Grinstein
David Langworthy

LEADERSHIP BRONZE: $1,000 or more
William Harris

PARTNERS: $500 or more
Lori & Rob Dickerson
Jenny & Brent Duncan
George D. Hansen
Brad & Gail Husick
Denise Lane & Roel Allers
Maria Langworthy

FRIENDS: $250 or more
Howard & Lisa Hawk
Jennifer & Mark Holmes
Joanne & Bruce Montgomery

SUPPORTERS: $50 or more
Sean Blazey
The Fergusons
The Jackson Family
Steve & Gail Kaneko
William Harris
Lynne & Larry Jones
Brad Smith & Alice Portz
The Radford Family

Potential donors can obtain additional financial disclosure information from the Secretary of State's Charities Program at 1-800-332-4483 or www.sos.wa.gov/charities.

#ItTakesAVillageToSaveAVillage.  THANK YOU to all of the residents and friends of RESPECTMedina. Whether you are writing letters, contributing time, signing petitions, raising awareness, or contributing money to help Save Medina's Parks, we appreciate your leadership and stewardship: Miles Adam, Cynthia Adkins, Linda Andersson, John Andrews, Pauline Bach, Sarah Bailey, Robert Becker, Alison Bell, Kim Biddle, David Bingham, Jill Birkeland, Jen Bishop, Joanna Black, Drew Blazey, Sean Blazey, Mark Bloom, John Bodin, Myrle Bossart, Dean Braun, Joseph Brazen, Treasure Brooks, Jeff Brotman, Tobey Bryant, Michael Burkhalter, Kathleen Cain, Collin Carpenter, George Carpenter, Gladys Casado, Lisa Chung, Nancy Cirillo, Robert Collett, Cathy Smith Curley, Julie Dalby, Janet Deaton, Marilyn Dresser, Lori Dickerson, Sarah and David Doud, Sheri Druckman, Jenny and Brent Duncan, Rita Egrari, Linda Ellison, Linda Enkema, Richard Fade, Vincent Fernandes, Patricia Flug, Eugene Forest, Shalisan Foster, Stephanie Fowler, Allison and Roger Frey, Jennifer Garone, Donna Goodman, William Gross, Lyn and Jerry Grinstein, Jennifer and Roger Gulrajani, Pamela Hiatt, Dinny Hansen, Lana Hansen, Matthew Hansen, Katherine Harnish, Benjamin Harris, Bev Harris, Bill Harris, William Harris, Robbins Harper, Lisa Hawk, Elizabeth Hestnes, Mark Holmes, Allyson Jackson, George D. Hansen, John Harris, Diane Harper, Diana Hill, Karolyn Hillenbrand, Lin Huang, Fara Jaberi, Mary Jackson, George Jarecke, Betsy Johnson, Kathleen Kosmos, Ricky Krafchak Jr, Vladimir Kremenovic, Linda Kuula, Denise Lane, David and Maria Langworthy, Kanan and Bhavnish Lathia, Deborah Levinger, John Li, Lorraine Linford, Carl Lombardi, Leonardo Almaraz Lopez, David Lundquist, Ben Magnano, the Magones, Lilia McCannel, M. Nigolian, Jean Manning, Chris Marker, David Martin, Julie Martin, Penny Martin, Cathy Matty, Suzanne McGill, Ross Mickel, Patrick Moore, Diana Murray, Mette Naness, Bill Neil, Roy Noorda, Julie Nordstrom, Heija Nunn, Debbie Obrien, Ed and JoAnn Oeltjen, Sarah and Eric Oeltjen, Cynthia Ohmann, Joy Ordal, Mary Pat Osterhaus, Raymond Park, Valerie and Jerry Parrish, Ronda Patrick, Jennifer Patterson, Mariette Patterson, Jane Petrich, Cornell Petrisor, David Phinney, Susan Powell, Laurel and Stephen Preston, Jeff Price, Michelle Prill, James and Barbara Baker Quinn, David Renas, Reliance Ricketts, Michael Ridgeway, Alyce Rogers, Richard Rogers, Kambiz Roshanravan, Matt Rossmeissl, Susan Rynas, Kamela Sargent, Patricia Sanford, Ron Santi, Robin Savage, Beth Scott, Katie Seiber, Jeff and Kim Seely, Donna Shuman, Georgi Sidel, Heather Singh, Anita Skoog-Neil, Ann Slater, Brad Smith & Alice Portz, Julia Spada, Stasia Steele, Douglas Steinmetz, Carrie Stengel, Gretchen Stengel, Amanda Stevens, Delphine Stevens, Susan Sullivan, Sophia Sun, Sharon Sweo, Kris Taylor, Betty Tong, Pete Vall-Spinosa, Skip Voorhees, Stephanie Wallach, Sheree Wen, Judith White, Jan Whitsitt, Laura Wood, Martha Woodman, David Yee,  Steven Yee, Stephanie Yulaev, and more!

A Look Back at Our First Victory - We Won, and Keep Winning, Thanks to You!

You Can Beat City Hall:  How This Medina Community Group Stopped the Illegitimate
Industrial-sized Cell Tower Project at Park

On August 25, 2014, our community group won a significant victory when an application to install an unnecessary, permanent, oversized and highly-visible cell tower complex at Medina’s Fairweather Park was denied.

The project was supported by the city but stopped by more than 60 residents and friends who came together protect Medina’s parks for today and future generations.  Vigilant and vocal, our community group refused to be bullied or ignored.  Common sense and the law were on our side.  We rallied together, and over three months we donated thounsands of dollars and more than 350 hours to researching the facts and the law, writing letters, and testifying at the July hearing. 

The law matters, but sometimes it takes a committed and focused community effort to enforce it.  Thanks to all who took action and invested time, effort and money to protect our park – what a wonderful legacy for the future. 

Thank You.  The law matters, but when going toe-to-toe with Big Wireless, it takes a committed and focused community effort to enforce it.  A huge and heartfelt “thank you” to David Yee, who alerted us to this ill-conceived project last May, to wireless pioneer, John DeFeo, who met with Independent Towers and the State of Washington and helped identify more responsible sites and solutions, to attorneys G. Richard Hill and Ian Morrison of McCullough Hill Leary PS, who provided invaluable legal advice, and to everyone who joined us and testified at the hearing and at City Council meetings, wrote letters, and stepped forward in opposition to this project, including Cynthia Adkins, Sarah Bailey, Drew Blazey, Myrle Bossart, Cathy Smith Curley, Janet Deaton, Sarah and David Doud, Jenny and Brent Duncan, Richard Fade, Allison and Roger Frey, Jennifer Garone, Donna Goodman, Jennifer and Roger Gulrajani, Dinny Hansen, John Harris, Lin Huang, Betsy Johnson, David and Maria Langworthy, Kanan and Bhavnish Lathia, John Li, Ben Magnano, the Magones, Jean Manning, Roy Noorda, Heija Nunn, Ed and JoAnn Oeltjen, Sarah and Eric Oeltjen, Cynthia Ohmann, Valerie and Jerry Parrish, Mariette Patterson, Laurel and Stephen Preston, James and Barbara Baker Quinn, Michael Ridgeway, Matt Rossmeissl, Ron Santi, Jeff and Kim Seely, Ann Slater, Gretchen Stengel, Kris Taylor, Skip Voorhees, Stephanie Wallach, Sheree Wen, Laura Wood, David Yee,  Steven Yee, and more.  We are proud to be your neighbors.  

Cell Towers on 520, Not on Parks. Our community group’s pro-park and pro-technology message is simple:  If the wireless companies need additional sites along the 520 corridor, there are better solutions that are outside our neighborhood parks.This fight’s not over yet.  Please sign our “Don’t Cell Our Park” petition and help preserve Medina’s neighborhood parks forever.  Together, we can make an important difference.


Cynthia F. Adkins, Roger Frey, and John F. Harris


RESPECTMedina is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your contribution to RESPECTMedina is fully tax-deductible. Our Tax ID number is 47-1196373. 
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Potential donors can obtain additional financial disclosure information from the Secretary of State's Charities Program at 1-800-332-4483 or www.sos.wa.gov/charities.